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Each week, be inspired by some of the extraordinary women in my circle that will be featured in our upcoming all day Conference, October 2nd. “The Awakening,”  an “ Idea Circle for Women” event at Anthony’s Ocean View in New Haven, CT.


This week we are featuring Dr Dorothy Martin-Neville, Ph.D.    Dr Dorothy, an international speaker and prolific author has  tremendous insights as a healer and has helped thousands o f women find their balance with the body, soul and mind connection. She is always a favorite at our events and will be a featured workshop speaker on the following:


How Your Personality Impacts Your Health – by Dr Dorothy


Breaking News: We have been taught that genetics is the governing factor in our medical story yet new science tells a very different story.  An entire field of medicine, epigenetics, has been developed showing the significant impact of our energy patterns on our DNA, our immune system, and overall health. The environment in which our cells live at any given moment is what most impacts their health and reproduction.  Food, exercise, and sleep are significant factors in that yet it is our personality and our resultant patterns of dealing with our lives and its stress that most directly impacts our DNA. How do you hold your stress, how do you deal with difficulties, are one of those who never has a problems, only crises? Are you someone who believes if you could only control the world, or perhaps only your world, you would never have stress? Different personalities deal, or do not deal, with life differently. Come learn about your personality and the disorders it is most prone to – as well as how to change your patterns – for your health, your success and your joy


Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD, LLC

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