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Your new best friend in a room full of strangers.

You've heard of Six Degrees of Separation? We'll Anne Garland can cut that down to one. Anne (pronounced Annie) is the ultimate connector. And in a world where who you know can be more powerful than what you know -- Anne knows how to bring the right people together and produce bold, positive results. 

Networking Events
that get you connected

Anne is a master at designing events that revolve around meeting people and making connections in a fun, relaxed atmosphere. She has a knack for knowing who needs to meet who, and she crafts her guest lists accordingly. You can always expect the unexpected at any of Anne’s events!

Engaging Speaker

Anne Garland is an engaging and energetic speaker. She takes her audience on a journey, helping them to discover and leverage their unique gifts to achieve their goals. She feels especially passionate about helping women in business to see sales as a form of service to move them into the abundance awaiting them.
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Serial Networker

Fearless and bold, Anne Garland was one of the first few women road warriors in sales, pounding the pavement along the East Coast in a world full of men in the 1970s. She learned quickly how to take her career from NOT working to networking success. After learning these skills in a man’s world, Anne dedicated her life to teaching women in all industries how to leverage networking to create the life they desire. Anne was born a redhead for a reason. She compares her upbringing to jumping out of an airplane and building wings to fly on her way down only to soar back up through masterful networking. Anne truly knows how to deliver power and energy to any room. 

FREE Tips from a master networker!

Chapter Four of Anne's book, Secrets of a Serial Networker, Anne is a must-read before your next networking event. Don't settle for making a good impression when Anne can show you how to make a GREAT, LASTING first impression! Download your FREE copy of "You had me at Hello" today!


  • “Anne Garland is the consummate networker. She is not only proficient at networking, but she inspires others to have the courage to expand their own reach. Her networking events are classy, well-planned, and fun! With Anne in your corner, you can reach for the stars. Thanks, Anne for all you do to encourage others to be successful.”

    ~Robin Clare, Clare-ity Services

  • Anne Garland is contagious! Her professionalism, spunk, smarts, and empowerment elevate every event she throws.  Anne knows how to bring the cream of the crop together in one room and every one of her events is a wonderful combination of education, networking, and uplifting fellowship.  I leave ready to take on the world!  

    ~Amy Cole, Executive Recruiter & Staffing Expert, NYC 

  • If ever you get the chance to attend one of Anne Garland’s events, be assured that no matter what the topic, or focus, you will be attending an event that is top shelf. Anne’s ability to create an event displays her elegance, her sophistication, and her absolute skill in connecting women with just the right people to support you and your career going to the next level.

    ~ Dorothy A. Martin-Neville, PhD
    Speaker | Coach | Consultant

  • I have attended and participated in countless events all over the country and I can actually say that no one and I mean no one puts on an event like Anne Garland. Each one is unique, stimulating, engaging, exciting, informative and an outstanding networking opportunity for everyone involved. Her themes, venues, and participants are all carefully orchestrated to offer a comprehensive immersion into whatever the topic at hand is. Annie, like her events, is unique and unmatched.

    ~Leslie Singer Consulting Creative/Director

  • Anne’s networks are unsurpassed in their width and quality. Deservedly, she has many fans and I’m one of them. I recommend working with her, she will get you results.

    ~Chala Dincoy, The Re-positioning Expert

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