Top 10 Conversation Starters

Discover Ann(i)e’s Top 10 Conversation Starters that will help you start a conversation when you don’t know what to say as you start to build that know, like and trust relationship.

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Connection Sales Incubator

This simple system tracks your connections—what Ann(i)e refers to as gold and potential revenue to keep your eye on your financial goals.

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Charismatic Quiz

How charismatic are you? Take the Quiz and find out.

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Plan, Do, Review

Check out Ann(i)e’s “20 Quick Tips” to create a successful Networking event. Simple & smart!

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Networking No No's

Discover Ann(i)e’s “A” list of the 3 Top Costly Mistakes to consider when Networking. Seems logical however many  people get this wrong.

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Event Testimonials

  • "Anne Garland is truly a breath of fresh air, she has been an inspiration to me from the moment I met her. She has gone above and beyond, providing me with countless opportunities ...from eWoman Network membership and Child & Family participation to featuring me at her Girls Goals Gris events. Her passion and natural ability to connect people comes from the heart and has made a difference in my life and in my business. Anne’s love, encouragement, and support has been monumental to the success of my Brand. I am grateful to know her, and honored to be in her circle of fellow woman entrepreneurs.” 

    - Eleonora Ferragatta, Artist and International Fashion Designer, CT 

  • "Thank you Annie Garland for another fabulous and fun Girls-Goals-Gris event.....17 years and counting! THANK YOU for all that you do to grow us, connect us, and to bring us all together....over and over again. You my dear - are already a legend in These Here Parts!!

    ~Wendy Gorin Ladd, CT

  • "The idea of networking can feel daunting and uncomfortable until you attend an event led by Anne Garland. With a flair for creating vibrant events with dynamic speakers, a penchant for empowering others, and an ever-warm welcome, Anne transforms networking into a way of connecting (personally and professionally) that is fun, engaging, and something you can’t wait to do again." 

    ~ Nan C.

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