I often see the gift in women before they see it in themselves.

~ Anne Garland


Anne works with women who want to have more confidence networking virtually or in-person to be able to approach anyone in any situation to fast forward their networking skills.

Anne loves to help women entrepreneurs get seen by their ideal audience. Taking them from the sidelines to centerstage. Anne strategizes and empowers women with big messages who are invisible to their market and who can’t see themselves as the world needs to see them.

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Are you an entrepreneur who is:

  • Discouraged by the lack of response for your networking efforts? Unsure how to best go about making the right connections?
  • Leery of the overly “sales-y” networking tactics that feel uncomfortable and so not you?
  • Terrified that you’ll have to give up on your dream of business ownership and settle into many more years of a ho-hum soul-sucking JOB?
  • The good news is that through better networking building, a successful business is within your reach!

Up until now, you likely just didn’t have the confidence and know-how to make your networking work for you. That changes today!

You can master networking that causes your ideal clients to stop in their tracks and listen to your message!

You can discover the best networking techniques to deliver maximum results into your business.
You can master networking that is authentic and genuine... no trickery or sleazy sales tactics required! You can start connecting with people who are excited to meet you, to work with you, and to pay you. You can start serving the people who need you most!

It all starts today.

Your success begins with a simple phone call or text. Please contact me to request a no-charge Business Success Networking Evaluation. During this fifteen-minute phone consultation, we’ll evaluate your business goals, determine if you’re on the right path to your version of networking success, and identify resources that can help you reach your goals much more quickly than you thought possible! Please call or text (860) 575-4970 to schedule a complimentary phone conversation with me and find out if you’re on the right path to business success—and where a few tweaks could help you reach your goals much quicker than you thought possible! Book a 30 minute discovery call with Anne.

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Does this sound like you? You want to network, but the thought of “flying solo” at a networking event terrifies you. Are you unsure where to go, whom to approach, and what to say when you do. What if you could be coached on the spot with me
as your Wing Woman? This one-of-a-kind, stand-alone program is a great way to learn how to effectively network alongside a networking expert. Contact me for more details. Book a 30-minute discovery call with Anne.

“Anne Garland changed my life! She gave me a platform and permission to use my voice to serve others and that catapulted my book and everything that followed.  My courage was renewed because of her!” 

~ Dr Amy Cannatta, AZ

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