A Wonderful Four-Letter Word… Play!

June 29, 2021

While walking on the beach recently, I was struck by the joy of a little girl and what appeared to be her grandmother, probably in her 60's, playing in the sand, giggling, digging all the way to China with their green and yellow shovels. Their sand-covered bodies seemed not to matter. What mattered was the pure happiness of "play" they each shared. When was the last time you played, really played, where you exposed your child's heart and had fun?

I recalled a time not too long ago when I shared a few days with my beautiful grandnieces, all in their early teens. They wanted to look and act older from their perspective and couldn't wait to drive and have more freedom. Remember how we couldn't wait to grow up and become an adult? Did we really get that freedom? With jobs came responsibilities, car payments, marriage, kids. Did that make us free? Are we having fun yet?

As I continued my walk, I reflected, at what age did we become so serious about life that "play" is just for kids? Many of the women in my circle find themselves in the sandwich generation, wedged between growing kids and aging parents. Some also struggle with unhealthy spouses or their own ailing health. Somehow fun is not on the menu. I challenge you to find more ways to "play."

As I connect to more and more women, most of us feel a substantial shift of change especially post-pandemic. It is now time to go with the flow, explore hearts' desire and forget about any rules you have boxed yourself into. Release that child's heart and have fun! Life offers many experiences. It's how we choose to perceive them.

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Here are some fun ideas for ways to "play":

  • Find a picture of yourself when you were little, bringing a happy memory, and posting it where you can see it every day.
  • Explore and challenge yourself to do something you have never done before without judgment
  • Rent a convertible, drive along the shore, let the wind blow your hair, blast the music and if you can't sing well, sing loud!
  • Go shopping with friends for wigs or fun hats, take pictures, go to lunch, better yet, lunch in the hats or wigs.
  • Go bowling with a group of ladies – it really is fun even if you haven't done it in years!
  • Make your own sundaes or share a banana split, and don't think about the calories.
  • Take a young person to a playground, swing, climb ropes and be silly with them.
  • Go to a drive-in movie with a bunch of gal pals, pack food and wine. Remember those days?
  • Finish this sentence: "I am happiest when…."

I love this quote:

“Dance as though no one is watching. Love as though you have never been hurt before. Sing as though no one can hear you. Live as though heaven is on earth.”

It's all about YOU! Your soul will love you for it! So, choose "Play" and say YES!

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