MYTH #1: The Myths, The Mystery, and Magic of Networking

March 27, 2024

So, you didn’t work out today? “Networking is like Fitness & Nutrition – we all know what to do. The hard part is making it a priority.”

Networking (connecting) is a lifelong process. I have five decades behind me, where I have proven that investing time and energy is essential for building relationships before you need them, whether business or personal. My niche is helping women and a few men gain more confidence in networking and be able to approach anyone in any situation.

I will share three networking myths and highlight their mystery and magic. It doesn’t matter if you cringe at the word networking or say bring it on!

For some, I want to shift your mindset to the closer side of fun, having more confidence with results Speaking of fun, I’m always asked what’s with the rubber chicken on the cover of my book. There are hundreds of networking books available. I want to present networking with a fun bent. Thus, Dixie, the rubber chicken, has hatched! It’s memorable, and with branding, you want to be unforgettable in a good way.

I ask the age-old question: why did the chicken cross the road? Yes, to get to the other side. But why did the chicken want to get to the other side? She wanted to connect with the other chicks!

Despite being alone, is the fear of her not crossing a greater risk than crossing? Has this ever happened to you? You go to a networking event and don’t know who or how to start a conversation with a stranger? You don’t know how to cross the room to the other side to meet someone confidently.


“I’m not outgoing, and making new contacts at an event is difficult when I don’t know anyone.”


We have all been there, even me. The person you were supposed to meet, your rock, your backup, was running late. You looked into the sea of unknowns and didn’t see one person you knew. What do you do?

This is when you start doubting yourself and begin the negative self-talk. You say things like, “Why am I here? I don’t know anyone. I hate these events.” Sound familiar? You continue to scan the room for a recognizable face…please, dear God, anyone I know, please show up!

You could go to the bar, head to the food table, and pray no one speaks. Or you could hide in the bathroom, or worse yet, go home, which is not a good solution.


Have you often wanted to know how to approach someone new? Now, you can experience a surefire way to overcome a lack of confidence or shyness while networking in any situation. I call it my never-fail 3-2-1, a.k.a. “Split Second Connection” method of introducing yourself to a few people you have never met.

What the heck—you have invested money to attend the event, driving time, and parking fees. You may have given up additional time from your already packed schedule, or worse, maybe even paid for a babysitter. Better yet, you just bought this great pair of shoes, and you know you look hot. You’ve decided you are going for it. Bravo!

HERE IS THE CRITICAL MAGIC KEY and how it works. You scan the room and look for someone you would like to meet. Someone who has a kind face and is standing or sitting by themselves is a good find. I call it searching for gold. You approach. You take a glance at  their name tag, reach out to shake hands, smile, and say, “Hi, my name is [insert your name]. I don’t know about  you, but I’m not a big fan of these meetings (shows you are authentic). I set a goal this morning (evening) to meet two to three people I have never met, and you are my first.

 Tell me, what brings you here today?” That’s the easiest and best opener ever. Always use direct eye contact and continue smiling. Bam! That’s it. You did it. They will respond. I pinky promise. Do you know why?

While standing or sitting alone (ahem, hiding; they don’t like networking either), you just made it easy for them to meet someone new. You have now experienced my signature technique, which I’ve used for decades. It works! Go try it out!

MYTH # 2

“Networking feels salesy and slimy. It’s like old salesman energy.”

This is a big one. But the fact is, if you think networking is ICKY, you’re doing it wrong.


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