Shh! Be Still and Listen to Your Inner Voice

February 16, 2023

Your heart knows what you need. Do you take time to quiet your mind and listen to your heart?

During a busy day last week, my phone rang. On the other end was a very dear friend with whom I had not spoken for months for no other reason than life just “getting in the way.” I paused and realized how much I missed her. Soon, I knew she was troubled. She wanted to share some thoughts about her future, including a major life change she has to make. Tapping into my heart, knowing how important this was, I made time so we could get together the next day.

I speak with so many women in my circle, and often, they are confused about a major life decision they are facing. They fear their choice may be a wrong one. They fear “CHANGE.” There, I said it. That “C” word. The word that can make the strongest weak. Why is it so hard to listen to our inner voice and ask our heart what we need even when it means a major positive shift in our lives? Let’s be honest; change is frightening to most of us. We all want guarantees, and yet we all know there aren’t any. Instead of having the courage to trust our hearts (ourselves), we often settle on the status quo out of fear and do nothing, but at what price?

As an example, consider a time when you were deciding whether to begin a relationship, change something about an existing relationship, or end a relationship. My friend’s situation brought to mind a time in my own life when I listened to my voice—and decided to get a divorce. There was a period when my marriage was clearly no longer the right relationship for any of us involved and I had lost my sense of myself. Though the divorce was the hardest decision I’ve ever made, ironically, it became the catalyst for my creating the life I have—and love—now. From this formative experience, I learned to let go of the things that do not serve me. Making the choice to (re)discover myself paved the way for me to find my passion and live the life that makes me (and by extension, my family, friends, and any others whose lives I touch) happier.

I see so many women who aren’t living their passion because they can’t find their voice or do not trust it. They let others guide their decisions rather than following what they know to be true. My experiences—including choosing divorce, and then a new marriage with a man I adore who respects my need to be me—reinforces the importance of listening to our inner voice because our heart knows what we really want. I now make healthy choices by listening to my heart, not my head, knowing that when I do so, I always have a deeper sense of potential, less stress, and more joy in my life.

When my friend needed me, I was there. When I needed me, I was there. Both involved listening to my heart about what truly mattered.

After getting together, my friend did take time to step back and listen to her heart. She is now ready to embrace her next chapter by taking one step forward at a time. You can too….

Here are a few easy steps to consider for listening to your heart:

  1. Notice how your body feels when you quiet your mind and open up to your inner self and what it has to say. You know you are on the right path when you begin feeling less stressed and are open to the messages that will serve you in a healthy way.
  2. Feel your power when listening to your heart rather than your head. They like to battle. Through meditation, deep breathing, or some form of quiet relaxation, take time to step back and really listen.
  3. Release any fear and take that leap of faith when your heart speaks to you. Trust yourself. Your soul will love you for it!

Anne Garland, Author of Secrets of a Serial Networker  (Amazon)
Best Seller, Be the Beacon, Anthology, (Amazon)
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